Are you and your mate frustrated about having the same old arguments over and over again?
Are you wondering why you're still single when you know you're a good catch?
Are you critical of yourself? Do you feel insecure or alone?
Perhaps you're a parent wondering if you're doing a good enough job...
I take a "four square" approach to balance and health.
This begins within each one of us and involves integrating:
mind (what and how we think)
emotions (how we process our feelings)
body (our relationship with our physicality)
spirit (who we perceive we are)
Life revolves around relationships. The most important relationship we can have is the one we have with ourself. If we are out of balance within ourself, then our relationships become out of balance and we feel angry, depressed, anxious and insecure. Once these feelings take hold, we start behaving in ways that work against us getting what we want. Confusion and hopelessness seep in and we can‘t figure out what to do to feel better. This can begin a downward negative spiral, or an addiction cycle.

There are specific steps that I have created to get us out of our negative cycles and on the path to clarity and calm. It is a process of peeling away the layers of our thinking, feeling, and behavior to dislodge the negative roots. We also re-build a positive self -framework to strengthen our inner sense of self security. Having a solid relationship towards ourself is the first step to any relationship. Our goal is always to learn how to shift our perceptions to be in the most productive and positive mindset possible. This leads to fulfillment and a sense of inner peace.
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Working with couples is a specialty of mine. I get excellent results by helping the couple understand their own individual issues based on their family upbringing and beliefs.
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